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The Sound of Music (1965) Collectors Movie

After years and years and years of watching The Sound of Music on VHS and DVD, I thought I knew every blade of grass and every gust of wind visible in the movie. How wrong I was! You don’t realize how much picture is lost with standard 480p releases until a monumental blu ray transfer like this comes along and provides a home viewing experience that literally feels like seeing the movie for the first time. Read more »

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Pirates of the Caribbean – Four Movie Collection

The packaging is the absolute worst I’ve ever seen for a DVD or a Bluray. They’re all thrown together in a little cardboard bangle that’s never going to hold up with any handling. It’s impossible to get them out without touching the playing surface, usually of several of the discs at once.

Then there’s the annoyance factor of the Bluray/DVD “features”. You have to chapter skip through 8 previews and commercials to get to a menu, you can’t just press menu. The menu you get to has two options, “Main Menu” or “Play”. Press “Main Menu” and you get a talking skull that talks at you for a couple of minutes before actually getting to the Main Menu – why not just always go to the main menu? Then there’s the usual 30 seconds of logos, warnings, and disclaimers.

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Heathers – Limited Edition Box Set (1989)

Released in 1989, HEATHERS received sharply mixed reviews. The film was popular in a few major metro markets, but it proved a box office disappointment overall. Although many regarded it as a failed take-off on such “high school angst” films as THE BREAKFAST CLUB, more than a few critics saw it as a film too much ahead of its time and predicted that it would have more of an impact down the road. They were right. When the film began to reach the home market it exploded in popularity, and given such later high school horrors as Columbine today the film seems less take-off than downright prophetic. Read more »